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Entire policy in a nutshell
Slaves - get ration, the same way as cattle.
Farmer - receives the agreed proportion of the results of his labor - he knows how much, working for whom.
Worker - does not receive an agreed share of the results of labor, his ration defined by owner how he defines it for cattle or slaves. Worker does not know how much, working for whom.

By the term "capitalism" was hidden the most common slavery in which, regardless of the level of ration, the worker has the economic status of a slave.
The main mystery parasite relationship - who, how much, to whom the work.
This mystery - a necessary condition for the existence of parasites.

Curious general silence about the real, absolute power will inevitably be by the banking institutions over the workers and the masters of production.

Just indistinct proof of the necessity state power of workers, although it should be quite simply from the ancient, proven everyday rules - "should not be allowed to control family by the dependent from family", but to manage the state continually trust individuals who have forgotten, or even, who did not know the price of bread.

Thanks to the "theories" have mass idiocy and endless disaster.
In fact, all these theories - info-noise masking legalized slave system with the inevitable final type - "Ancient Egypt", but on all Earth.


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